Players Poker Championship founder files for bankruptcy

The founding father of players Poker Championship has declared personal bankruptcy.

Bryan Oulton’s financial obligations exceed $890,000 while his assets total just $414,678.

Oulton has declared Chapter Seven Personal bankruptcy in america Personal bankruptcy Court for that Southern District of Florida.

Thomas Swartzburgh and Bryan Oulton


Founder Oulton arrives of hiding to launch personal bankruptcy

Oulton (above right) and co-founder Thomas Swartzburgh (above left) entered hiding after allegations began to flow the Players Poker Championship was using buy-ins using their tournaments to pay for the winners of previous occasions.

Flushdraw’s Haley Hintze estimates that Oulton owes money with a 200 creditors. Included in this are players who made the ultimate table from the 2016 PPC Aurba World Championship in November of this past year.

PPC logo

Players sue PPC founders to retrieve winnings

Based on a thread on 2 2 poker forum, several players have battled to gain access to their Aruba winnings. Five of those competitors - including tournament champion Stephen Deutsch - have finally made the decision to file a lawsuit the PPC and it is co-founders.

Since $338,000 of Oulton’s assets are tangled up in the home, it appears likely that, as the five players who’ve sued him can get what they’re owed, his other creditors may be left disappointed.

While Oulton prepares themself for any Q&A session using the situation trustee and the creditors, the quest for the AWOL Thomas Swartzburgh continues…

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