How poker ace Tony Bloom helped turn Brighton’s fortunes around

As Brighton And Hove Albion return to the peak flight the very first time since 1983, all eyes take presctiption the club’s chairman Tony Blossom.

Since 2009, Blossom has sunk ?250 million of their own money in to the Seagulls. Such generosity has allowed the club to buy a condition-of-the-art stadium. It’s also provided manager Chris Hughton using the funds to bolster his squad.

Brighton chairman Tony Bloom


Blossom puts poker skills to make use of in behind-the-scenes role

Referred to as ‘The Lizard’, Bloom’s wealth is mainly an item of his success like a stock broker along with a property developer. However, he owes his nickname and readiness to consider risks to his past existence like a poker player.

Together with his career winnings believed to become around ?two million, Blossom used his instinct along with a degree in mathematics to provide him the advantage when in the card table.

Brighton and Hove Albion

What cost Brighton using the Premier League by storm?

His celebrated tenacity has additionally been invaluable. In recent seasons, Brighton have frequently had promotion inside their grasp simply to throw away the chance come the playoffs. But because Blossom never threw in the towel around the club, therefore the club’s paid back his perseverance.

So, what cost the Seagulls taking flight come the 2017-18 season? With Tony Blossom in the helm, you would not attend all surprised if Brighton soared.


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