Update – Salomon Ponte sparks controversy on Poker Night In American

Saloman Ponte has switched the environment blue at Poker Night In The Usa.

The self-announced ‘Hashtag King’ hurled insults at just about anybody only at that weekend’s PNIA.

Which weren’t your common-or-garden ‘you suck at poker’ barbs, either. Not even close to it – Ponte (below) known as card sharp Doug Polk a “fucking retard”. Then he described Polk and fellow player Rob Deeb “the greatest bitches in poker”.

'Hashtag King' Salomon Ponte

Ponte insults fellow pro Deeb, then activates his wife

Also it didn’t hold on there. Polk am surprised at Ponte’s conduct he requested the television production team whether or not they were built with a muzzle. “Yeah, ” the self-announced poker celebrity piped up, “for Doug because he's a little bitch.”

Then he switched his scorn upon Rob Deeb. In other words, he tore into Deeb’s wife – a minimal move even scumbags usually think hard about.

Ponte’s consistently uncomfortable conduct meant it had become rather amusing when, after losing his stake money, he was reduced to asking Polk and Deeb to lend him money to get involved with a $25/$50 cash game.

The entire sorry mess concluded with Ponte being expected to apologise to Deeb. The second then required the ‘Hashtag Kid’ be banished in the venue as Ponte was filming Deeb together with his camera phone.

PNIA logo

What next for that ‘Hashtag King’?

The poker press has become rife with speculation over exactly what a major body such as the World Poker Tour would do were youthful Salomon some thing in the same way in a televised event. For while Ponte was on PNIA to result in ructions, couple of could’ve predicted he’d disappear the handle so dramatically.

Which stated, if Ponte would be a ratings success, you will probably begin to see the ‘Hashtag King’ more than you’d as with the days and several weeks in the future.

Update – Within the wake of his PNIA conduct – and the subsequent social networking explosion – Salomon Ponte continues to be granted poker pariah status. First of all, shades manufacturer Blue Shark Optics ended its sponsorship agreement using the ‘Hashtag King’. Then LA’s Bicycle Club made the decision it wouldn’t be welcoming Ponte to the Live In The Bike event.

“We are cancelling in a few days’s scheduled appearance [by] Salomon Ponte,” described a motorcycle Club spokesman. “His recent activities on social networking go far too far within the line. Despite his antics, we gave him an opportunity. We requested him to not use racist/homophobic/sexist slurs, and despite saying yes he wouldn’t, he ongoing to make use of these very offensive words in an even greater volume. This left us no choice.”

The Bicycle Club’s change of heart may also have something related to his PNIA opponent Rob Deeb proclaiming that he wouldn’t attend the Live In The Bike event when the ‘Hashtag King’ was there. Deeb has additionally confirmed that he'll boycott Poker Night In The Usa should Ponte be asked back on the program.

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