UK Named the Top Gambling Nation in Europe

The (ECA) lately released its first ECA European Casino Industry Report. This authoritative report supplies a complete summary of the whole European casino industry. Obtaining information coming from all its member states, the report examines trends within the casino industry, and which countries performed particularly well throughout the surveyed period.

The very first ECA European Casino Industry Report should be viewed poor significant economic troubles across Europe. As austerity hits the pockets from the average European, many nations’ casinos saw revenue slump, or at best considerably loss of 2012/3. But there have been still some success tales, as several countries’ casino industries could report decent inclines in trade.


Of these effective nations was Denmark. The Scandinavian nation operates a comparatively small casino industry, with six casinos within the entire nation. Nevertheless, within the survey period, Denmark’s six casinos saw their gross gaming revenues grow by 3.6 %, from €55m to as many as €57m to not be sniffed at because of the issues experienced elsewhere within Europe.

The 2nd country to attain significant success based on the ECA report was Estonia. The eastern European nation were able to get more punters into its casinos this year than in the last year, and individuals that did attend casinos staked considerably more income. No under 720,000 punters visited Estonia’s casinos this year, 20,000 (2.9 %) greater than the year before. Meanwhile, total casino revenue in america increased 8.3 % to €52m, on the rear of significant development in slot revenue.

However the big success story within the casino industry within the surveyed period was unquestionably the Uk. Britain may be the third largest economy in Europe, and therefore always a vital marketplace for any industry. Well, it certainly appears that within the situation of casinos situations are progressing very well.

The United kingdom Casino marketplace is vastly dissimilar to those of Denmark, with as many as 146 casinos and 2 licensed card clubs operating within the United kingdom. If gambling might be stated to participate British culture, then your ECA reports claim that this remains greatly the situation according to the casino industry.

This Year, UK’s casinos saw total revenues of ?872m, nearly 10 % greater than in the last year. This was a overall rise, as both table games and slots performed very well within the Uk. In addition, over 18 million people visited casinos in great britan, approximately five percent rise on the year before, and also the establishments were even in a position to employ over 14,000 staff, which symbolized a 6.6 % every year increase.

The figures are very obvious even just in a fiscal slump, the British casino market is flourishing, and also the standout success story over the entire Europe.

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