New Gambling Act Could Endanger UK Citizens

The (GBGA) still oppose the United kingdom Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) , that will charge United kingdom citizens a 15 % Reason for Consumption (POC) tax on their own gambling transactions for enjoying at overseas internet casinos.


A week ago, the GBGA formally filed a situation from the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 proclaiming that this can pose genuine risks towards the consumer. The GBGA argues the law will push customers to seek various ways of internet gambling overseas by means of poorly controlled establishments in order to steer clear of the hefty tax.

As the United kingdom Gambling Commission continues to be resolute the act will safeguard United kingdom consumers, one can’t help but be sceptical of those assumptions. If pressured by heavy tax within an industry where players are continually seeking better odds and possibilities at winning, they may be more prone to take greater risks to prevent 15 % of the personal, recreational spend entering government coffers with no real help to themselves.

Peter Howitt, leader from the GBGA believes the new law continues to be passed for economic gain and can give local operators an aggressive edge on their overseas rivals. He describes this as illegal and illegitimate.

Gambling giant William Hill feels it “inappropriate” to take part in the legal fight using the GBGA given its close relationship using the United kingdom Government. William Hill, worth ?4.07bln in 2013, is among the largest bookmakers within the United kingdom also offering United kingdom players an e-casino, bingo online an internet-based poker.

Both sides have strong arguments however the truth that the act has received final Royal Assent in the queen, helps make the situation that rather more hard for the GBGA and all sorts of interested worldwide parties to battle against. One factor is definite, when the act is passed this regime change regarding gambling within the United kingdom is going to be met with lots of a disgruntled consumer.

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